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  • Automatic & correct journal entries. No need for manual selection of ledgers & passing debit / credit entries.
  • Automatic correct ledger posting & updation
  • Automatic computation of tax (GST) for sales transactions
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  • Automatic generation of GST Compliant invoice for sales transactions
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  • Automatic computation of withholding tax (TDS)
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  • Automatic accounting of GST / TDS under correct ledger accounts
  • Automatic preparation of GST returns through ASP / GSP integration
  • Automatic computation & accounting of reverse charge under GST
  • Automatic / real-time Trial balance updation
  • Automatic Profit & Loss account and balance sheet in vertical format
  • Automatic contra entries
  • Automatic reconciliation of receivables & payables (debtors & creditors)
  • Automatic analysis of receivables & payables (debtors & creditors)
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  • Automatic control of customer credit limits before making credit sales
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  • Automatic alert for overdue receivables & payables
  • Automatic compliance to Internal Financial Controls
  • Automatic / real-time internal audit of transactions
  • Automatic budgetary control of expenses & real-time alert for expenses exceeding budget
  • Automatic generation of decision making reports using Microsoft Excel add-in
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  • Automatic & real-time Multi-location accounting
  • Automated bill of material & combination sales
  • Real-time bill-to-bill matching of invoice receipts and payments
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Download of ledgers and reports into Microsoft Excel
  • World class disaster recovery and data security on Microsoft Azure
  • Expense management and accounting with approvals & monetary limits
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  • Combination sales for retail traders
  • Change classification of line items in Profit & Loss account and balance sheet at any time
  • Expense claims management & accounting with monetary limits & approval capability
  • Travel advance & settlement and accounting with approvals and automated eligibility management
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  • Upload of bills and supporting documents for all transactions
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  • Customer & vendor engagement for balance confirmation
  • Dashboard and reports with graphs
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  • Audit trial of all transactions from Trial balance to source of the transaction with just a click
  • Free login for auditors
  • On-line audit of transactions and audit notes
  • No need for dedicated hardware
  • Zero cost for installation & maintenance. Free upgrades & updates of the software

Integrated With:
Microsoft Office 365
Local taxes extra as applicable
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  • All features of SaaS
  • Automated month end provision entries & reversal
  • Automated adjustment of prepaid expenses
  • Automated order management & accounting
  • Manufacturing Inventory accounting, valuation & management
  • Payroll
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • Advanced budgeting
  • Investment accounting
  • Fixed assets & depreciation automation and accounting
  • Working capital management
  • Trend analysis
  • Fraud analytics & exception reporting
  • CRM
  • Bar code integration
  • Business specific automated reports
  • Advanced document management
  • Advanced analytics
  • Mobile application (specifically available for your company)
  • Automated accounting for job works & contracts
  • E-Commerce integration
  • Project-wise accounting, reporting & analytics for construction companies / builders (with real-time consolidation across different projects and company-wise / SPV-wise accounts, profitability analysis & reports)
  • Holding / subsidiary company accounting & Group-level consolidation & reporting
  • Migration of existing data to IDOS
  • Hybrid data management (offline / online)
  • Thousands of concurrent users

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International Development
International Development
  • Required features of SaaS & Enterprise
  • Budget alignments & realignments
  • Time & Material management & accounting
  • Project / site office reporting & real-time consolidated accounting & reporting at Head Office
  • Labor hiring, management, accounting, regulatory, tax compliance & reporting
  • Local currency accounting, conversion from local currency to home office currency and multi-currency accounting
  • Trend analysis and financial projections
  • Company specific business reports and analytics
  • Real-time process audit and exceptions reporting

If you wish to have IDOS customized for your organisation, contact us.
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