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Last Mile Project IDOS

Last Mile Project

IDOS’s Last Mile Project works to bridge the gap between Urban India and Rural India. IDOS vide its technology initiatives is committed to building an economic bridge between the Small Business and the Multi-National, the Panchayat and the Government, the Farmer and the Agro Company.

Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas will reach fruition when every farmer’s and every small business owner’s contribution is merged and measured in the main stream economy. This merging ensures that the ‘Last Mile’ – and often ignored mile – becomes a part of the main financial stream. Helping them have transparent access to Government subsidies (which today doesn’t reach the individuals that really need them), other government and non-government aid and most importantly have parity with large corporates in terms of the financial technology being used.

IDOS offers the final connect. While connecting the last mile it becomes imperative that we make our solutions easy to use and simple to understand while also intelligent enough to connect to the complicated ERPs of the Governments and Large Corporates.

We create a world where a single thumb impression of the farmer assures the government that the subsidized fertilizer has reached the right farmer, informs the corporate that their supply chain works to the benefit of the country, and gives both the Government and the Large Corporation, Consumption pattern analytics of the fertilizer, Business achieved by each Retailer and each Wholesaler and Demographic and Seasonal shifts in fertilizer consumption.

We create a world where a single click by the small business owner links his supply to that of the stockist and that in turn links to the ERP of the Large Corporate. The small business owner becomes a part of the main supply chain and can track his goods as well as his payments.

We create a world where a single click by the panchayat office links the panchayat information to the ERPs of the State Government.

We create a world where Governments and Corporates can react in time and always have sufficient data.

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