We are a bank. How is IDOS relevant to us?

IDOS helps banks in meeting their challenges with respect to lending, through its unique customer acquisition and monitoring capability. Being an accounting & compliance software, IDOS is a repository of customers KYC and financial data and based on customer approval and their consent to apply for a business loan, using its unique methodology IDOS, will auto-fill the banks loan application, attach the supporting documents, auto-generate the CMA data sheet and necessary financial ratios in the format required by the bank and enable the bank to access this information either through integration or through IDOS application. Further the bank will have the ability to drill down and cross check the data and also the supporting documents. This process will help in significant reduction of time required for loan application, processing and disbursement and consequently will enhance customer experience in the entire process since it eliminates human involvement and intervention to a very large extent.
Banks are currently spending significant time and effort in loan monitoring and in ensuring appropriate utilization of loan funds by the business borrowers. IDOS provides the banks a very powerful mechanism to review the utilisation pattern of the loan funds by the borrowers and also provides auto alerts of pre-defined exception scenarios, so that corrective action can be taken on timely basis.

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