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How much does IDOS cost and how can we purchase and start using IDOS?

IDOS has three different versions:
Off-the-shelf Small business version
Off-the-shelf Multi-user version
Enterprise version
Small business version costs less than a few cups of coffee. The multi-user version of IDOS has a one-time set-up cost and monthly subscription fee which depends on the size of the business and the cost reduces with an increase in a number of users.
Enterprise version of IDOS is customised to suit the specific requirements of the organisation and will have a one-time customisation cost and periodic upgrade and maintenance charges. IDOS is one of the least expensive ERP in the market and its cost of ownership and maintenance is among the least among competitors.
IDOS off-the shelf version can be purchased either directly from our website or through our partners. Enterprise version and modules can either be purchased directly from IDOS or from our deployment partners, which include global technology integration companies and reputed accounting& audit firms.

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