We want to know more about IDOS as a product and the company background?

IDOS is stable and robust time tested application. It is deployed on a world renowned Azure platform. Uptime and security is guaranteed by Microsoft Azure cloud. IDOS architecture is modular, layered, and plug & play, which has made it highly scalable. It is highly reliable as it supports clustering, replication and fail-over. It configures itself dynamically by adding more resources when the user load is high.
Data privacy and customer trust are a prime focus of our company. We use industry best practices and techniques to ensure the security of its customer data. IDOS uses a secured transport layer, such as HTTPS, to encrypt user data during transit and it uses salt password-hashing algorithm to secure password and other sensitive information. It creates a unique identifier per user to secure and to avoid vulnerable access or injection. Authentication using captcha ensures that our servers are not susceptible to Robot based brute force attacks.
IDOS enables the business owners, senior management and different stakeholders to process transactions, view reports and manage their business with ease. It is very simple to use and does not require the user to be knowledgeable about accounting. It captures accounting data in a simple manner and automatically creates reports to help you take decision and manage your business.
IDOS has been developed and is managed by a team of Chartered Accountants and Engineers with expertise in computer science & cloud technology. The professionals at IDOS come with cross functional experience, having worked at large and reputed organisations including international financial agencies, big 4 accounting firms, banking & insurance companies and software companies. Together they ensure that IDOS users experience a positive transformation in their accounting & financial management and consequently increase operational efficiency and profitability of their business.

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