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Small business enterprises need an easy to use software that records business transactions accurately to understand the real picture i.e. revenues and profitability.

  • IDOS eliminates the debit-credit aspect of bookkeeping entries. Through interactive questions and answers, IDOS automatically makes the accounting entries, computes tax, updates all ledgers and trial balances and prepares real-time reports.
  • IDOS provides e-invoicing, inventory records, tracks purchases and payments, ensuring compliance to all regulations including GST laws.
  • SME can use IDOS, without any training or familiarity with accounting.
  • IDOS is remotely accessible, affordable, with low-cost maintenance.

IDOS brings several advantages for a mid-sized business entity:

  • Reduced turnaround time for accounting processes
  • Consistent implementation of internal controls with in-built internal audit function
  • Supports remote functions with access to real-time information from across locations
  • Elimination of human errors with automated reconciliation feature, irrespective of transaction volumes
  • Cross-functional analysis for diverse verticals including manufacture, sales, procurement, e-commerce, legal etc with seamless data migration and consolidated reporting

IDOS runs as a convenient, plug and play digital solution, compatible with all existing software architecture including ERP.

  • IDOS enables agile responses and efficient processes through highly scalable cloud applications including blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine learning capabilities.
  • Flexibility is inherent in IDOS. Corporates can either upgrade, replace their legacy ERP or access specific modules on IDOS.‍
  • Ease of use, speed and efficient deployment is the hall mark of IDOS.
  • IDOS is highly customizable. Companies can integrate specific modules related to accounting, taxation, payroll, HRMS, inventory, e-procurement, treasury, distribution, customer & vendor management, fixed assets or financial reporting.
  • IDOS can access inputs from any existing software application, execute functions and generate output in a format that is compatible across software.
  • IDOS’ full version may be used via a mobile application role-based access control.

Audit firms need to stay aware of the latest regulatory changes to inform their end-clients. IDOS, being a compliance-focused software is ideal for auditors to fulfil their professional obligations.

  • IDOS can help auditors enhance the overall audit experience for their end clients.
  • ‍IDOS can provide actionable insights, thereby expanding audit scope beyond identification of compliance issues.
  • ‍Legacy software lack focus on compliance matters. IDOS, however, enables auditors to capture transaction exceptions in a prompt manner and focus on client value-addition.
  • ‍Data analytics and testing procedures, inbuilt in IDOS enable the auditors to carry out substantive testing of accounting data using different parameters within a quick time span. This reduces audit cost and allows enhanced audit sample size.

IDOS is a powerful software product whose capabilities also extend beyond the accounting realm. IDOS provides cutting edge data analytics to get a good understanding of the business landscape. This would make your business more competitive, reduce operating costs, boost revenue streams and derive profits.

  • Customer analytics: Business enterprises can determine high revenue generation projects and the order patterns with respective price points and discounts offered. The detailed information would help develop accurate sales strategies to target specific geographies and customer segments to drive higher sales.
  • Vendor analytics: IDOS’ real-time price analytics enable understanding of procurement costs, purchase patterns, vendor pricing for a particular item and other critical supply chain parameters. This would enable efficient purchases planning, discount negotiations and bulk pricing strategies towards effective working capital management.

With growing loan portfolios and higher credit penetration, the risk of NPAs and loan defaults are also aggravated for banks. IDOS helps banks access potential borrower details and financial standing, underwrite loans, monitor repayments and red flag exceptions.

  • Being an accounting software, IDOS is a repository of customers KYC and financial data.
  • Upon customer consent to apply for a business loan, IDOS would auto-fill loan application forms, attach supporting documents, auto-generate the CMA data sheet with detailed financial performance in the required format and submit to the concerned bank.
  • Bank can cross verify the data.
  • IDOS’ intermediation would reduce the overall loan disbursal cycle time with improved customer experience.
  • Banks can view loan utilization levels and auto alerts for prompt corrective actions.

IDOS extends a B2B e-commerce platform facility for business users to offer goods and services for sale through the portal.

  • The customer network who use IDOS is spread across the globe.
  • Upon registration on IDOS’ vendor platform, along with details of products and price list, IDOS would enable its customers to access the seller database.
  • Sellers would be able to access quality buyers at a single place.
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