What does idos do?

IDOS is a accounting software which is very simple to use. It comes with in-built compliance and enables real-time internal audit of transactions. It prevents accounting errors and ensures that the transaction is accurate & authentic even before it is posted into ledgers, thereby avoiding rework, rectifications and reconciliations. Further, IDOS enables every company to implement internal controls in their accounting operations in a uniform manner across all projects, departments and branches. Concurrently IDOS provides real-time and accurate business intelligence to facilitate decision making.

Freedom and Convenience
No more 9 to 5 fixed working hours! Work from anywhere and at any time. No more month end stress regarding accounting! Manage your accounts in real-time. Take Your accounting department with you wherever you may be and control your money from anywhere without being physically present in your office.

Cloud based SaaS Application
IDOS is a cloud based real-time software and does not require any software download or installation. It is simple to implement and even simpler to use. You can access and use IDOS through any internet web browser.


Simplicity is at the core of IDOS. We developed IDOS with a unique architecture, which enables you to process accounting transactions without the need to be trained in accounting. Senior Managers and Business Owners can generate reports including receivables, payables, age analysis, variance analysis, Profit & Loss account and Balance sheet with just one click, without manual intravention and without depending on anyone. No need to learn software programming or accounting formulae, IDOS will be your digital CFO and provide you with all reports with just one click. Users of Microsoft Office 365 can generate reports by using Add-Ins built for Office 365.

Disruptive architecture

IDOS has been developed using simple, but very effective functional architecture which enables you to manage reconciliation of your receivables and payables in real-time, thereby significantly reducing (sometimes eliminating) the month end reconciliations. It has in-built internal control features by which internal audit happen in real-time as the transaction is being processed and thereby makes accounting transactions accurate even before posting to ledger. Enterprise customers can benefit significantly from IDOS architecture, since it enables easy customization as per the specific requirements of the enterprise and also easy deployment & integration.

Remote Supervision

IDOS provides you with remote supervision capability by which you can monitor your business accounts and manage finances, even when you are physically away from your office. It has alert mechanisms which will send you alerts when any tax, rent, insurance premium, bank remittance, renewal or any other item becomes due and assists you in completing these tasks on timely basis. If you have two or more branches or departments or projects, IDOS will keep track of all tasks at each of these branches or departments or projects and inform you if any task is overdue or delayed.

of Mind

IDOS is hosted on Microsoft Azure which adheres to highest standards of data security and protection. Your data is encrypted and therefore you can rest assured that your data is secure, can not be accessed by any unauthorised user and there is no risk of data loss. Its as safe and secure as having online banking access and managing your bank account online.

Key Features


IDOS helps companies to avoid compliance oversights. It comes with a unique alert mechanism designed to enable companies having two or more branch offices or project sites to remotely control and supervise accounting operations and statutory compliances and alert the head office about compliance requirements at those branches or projects.

Ease of use

IDOS enables users to process transactions even if they do not possess knowledge of debit or credit and do not have software skills. It guides the users on what they need to do and how, thereby making it possible to use it without any training.

Audit Trail

IDOS provides capability to have complete audit trail of every transaction, from the inception of that transaction, till it is posted into ledgers including access to documents supporting the transaction.

Zero Maintenance

IDOS is hosted on Microsoft Azure and can be accessed with any web browser. All upgrades and maintenance issues are managed by IDOS technical support team.

Auto Alert Mechanism

If your business is growing and you have more than one department or branch or different projects, IDOS will assist you to remotely manage and control them automatically through its in-built workflows and alert mechanisms, which will alert the supervisor if any work is pending at any branch, department or project. Contact us to know how your business can benefit from IDOS alert mechanism.

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Decision Making Reports

IDOS provides realtime, accurate reports to help you take effective business decisions on time. You can view reports just by clicking on the buttons and you can get reports at any time and from anywhere, without having to ask your staff to generate reports. You can do it yourself, since IDOS is very simple and intuitive to use.

Built in B2B e-commerce

IDOS provides you with capability to reduce costs of your routine purchases through its (patent pending) b2b e-commerce platform. Contact us to know how our customers are benefitting through this platform.

Easy Migration

IDOS lets you to migrate from your existing system in a simple manner. Contact us to know how you can migrate your accounts into IDOS




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Channel Partners

IDOS is engaging with channel partners in different countries, across North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia. If you are a CPA firm, CA firm, bookkeeping firm, accounting firm and software reseller, send us an email to sales@myidos.com for exciting channel partnership opportunities.

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