IDOS is a financial platform that enables you to easily manage not just accounting, taxation and financial processes, but empowers you with data and curated reports for decision making and analytics. IDOS has been built on the premise that a technology solution must not just enable the business to prepare financial statements and file tax returns, which are consequential requirements and not the primary reason for which a business is set up. Rather, the technology must empower the business to become profitable through efficiency in operations and also by enabling the business to overcome key challenges including working capital management and ensuring reduced cost of sales. Further the technology must enable the business to engage effectively with the eco-system in which it operates including its customers, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders and such engagement must help the business to generate more profits. This is what IDOS delivers, in a simple and user friendly manner, through powerful eco-system engagement and by providing capabilities more than traditional accounting softwares and ERPs. IDOS has been built on a disruptive functional architecture which is empowering multiple businesses and also professional services providers across the world in their day to day business management.


Automatic Accounting
Internal Control Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
Business Reports
Remote Supervision & Control
Multi Branch/ Project
Artificial Intelligence
Role Based Access
Travel & Expense Claims

"Implementing any software is expected to enable the business to reduce human effort and increase process efficiency. IDOS facilitates this, through a very simple to use, yet powerful accounting software. IDOS enables the business to collate all the financial data and automatically completes bookkeeping, accounting & reporting in adherence to internal financial controls and regulatory compliance."

Reliability of data:
IDOS provides accurate accounting & financial data in seconds. This enhancesthe ability of the organization to monitor and control the mission critical business processes such as budgeting, working capital, receivables, payables and Key Performance Indicators. The unique value proposition of IDOS is that automation significantly enhances accuracy. This empowers businesses across the globe, to use IDOS data for mission critical business processes and for decision making.

"Small businesses (which are managed by either single person or by few resources) require a simple to use software which enables them to record business transactions with ease and assess the result of their business activity. The software should provide invoicing, inventory, purchases and payments, along with compliance to relevant taxes (GST / VAT). They need a software which they can use without training and without having to learn accounting or taxation. A software which can provide reports and results of the business activity at the click of a button. This is exactly what IDOS provides, to small business and at an affordable cost of ownership and maintenance.Even better accountants and auditors of small business can get real-time access, at no cost to the accounts and provide services to their clientele from the comfort of their office without having to physically travel to their client's offices."

Reduced turnaround time for accounting & financial processes
"Organizations which have two or more branches find it challenging to ensure consistency of transaction processing and reporting across all the branches. The staff at the branches come with different educational or academic background and they may not be trained on these processes nor on the software, thus making it necessary to get them trained before they can handle the responsibilities independently. If there is attrition, then the process of hiring, training and getting new staff ready to handle the responsibilities will have a gestation period during which there could be process delays impacting the accounting activity. Due to its ease of use, IDOS does not require the users to be knowledgeable either in accounting or in technology and therefore any member of staff can process transactions and eliminate the hurdles associated with attrition. This enhances the overall process efficiency and consequently reduces the turnaround time with respect to accounting and financial processes of the business"

Internal financial controls
"Medium sized businesses which have multiple branches and employees across different branches and departments, need to implement internal financial controls to ensure that the organization functions in accordance to certain protocols and also in compliance to regulatory requirements. These controls would provide the assurance that the processes are being carried out as per defined protocols that the management has established and would also help in reduction of discrepancies. IDOS is one of the only software which has developed and inbuilt internal controls for all accounting transactions in a way that the transaction is subjected to real-time internal audit even before it is posted to ledgers, thereby ensuring the highest levels of data accuracy and data reliability."

Remote supervision
"Remote, on-site working and work from home models are becoming necessary in the current digital business eco system. This requires the management to have staff, work away from the physical office and therefore it is important to supervise their work and also ensure that they are completing their tasks in compliance to protocols. IDOS provides the managements a unique capability to ensure that all the employees are managing the accounting & financial processes in accordance to pre-defined protocols. The managers can get a dashboard view of reports relating to any remote location, branch or project in real-time, empowering them to take any action in real-time. Further IDOS informs the managers through emails, any action / activity that is required to be completed at every location and ensures that managers are informed, in advance if something important is required to be addressed, by the staff at remote location."

Uniformity across the organization
"A typical Medium sized business may have several branches or projects,has high volume of transactions and it delegates work to its employees.Thus it is imperative that the organization automates its processes to ensure that there is uniformity across all branches all transactions and all employees. IDOS helps business adopt automation and technology with ease. IDOS provides a positive user experience because it is easy to use, this ensures high adoption rate among all employees and infuses process automation across the entire company."

Real-time decision-making reports
Such businesses require real-time reports relating to financial performance of its branches, projects and business segments so that the management can take necessary action to ensure that every business segment is profitable. IDOS can be accessed via internet and therefore, the reports are updated as the transactions are processed, enabling the management to monitor the different business segments in real-time.

Accuracy & reliability of data
Where the volume of transactions is high, it is important to ensure that there are no human errors in the accounting process, since such errors cause rework, reconciliations, increase in the turnaround time and increase in the cost of operations. Since accounting automation and real-time reconciliation are built into IDOS, the chances of human error are significantly reduced, making the data highly reliable and actionable.

Seamless integration
Companies have multiple cross functional and cross departmental processes which have direct or indirect impact on accounting and financial management. These processes could be relating to manufacture, sales, procurement, e-commerce or a specific kind of service such as medical or legal. These processes are managed using different applications since the existing accounting software do not have cross functional capabilities. This results in issues relating to data migration and data integration for the purpose of accounting and also for reporting. IDOS is an end to end accounting, finance, compliance and business management application with all capabilities in-built into the application. It not only enables the business to manage accounting, but also empowers the business to seamlessly integrate processes across different business segments and provides a consolidated corporate dashboard across multiple measurable parameters.

Digital transformation

Large organizations are competing in a technology driven market place, making it imperative to adopt software which brings in significant automation in their processes and helps them to become agile in their operations. IDOS enables large companies to become nimble and highly efficient with respect to their processes and operations in order to meet the challenges of the constantly changing business eco-system by enabling them to take advantage of highly scalable cloud applications built by IDOS and empowering them with blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine learning capabilities.

Upgrade or replace

IDOS enables large companies,to either upgrade their ERP or replace their legacy ERP or provide specific modules which are either not available in the current ERP or would cost more / take very long to implement in their existing ERPs. Ease of use, speed and efficiency of development & deployment and low cost of ownership and maintenance are the hall mark of IDOS.

Customise and integrate specific module

IDOS is highly customizable and can provide the business with specific modules relating to any accounting, taxation, payroll, HRMS, inventory, e-procurement, treasury, distribution, customer & vendor management, fixed assets, financial or reporting requirements. IDOS is capable of taking input from any existing application / ERP, execute the functions and provide the output through reports or dashboard within IDOS application or in a format that can be integrated with existing ERP or other application currently used by the business

Corporate mobile applications

Companies need applications which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time and by any authorised user. With explosive growth in adoption of smart mobile phones, it's imperative that the core business processes are made available through corporate mobile applications, through which the stakeholders and employees can process transactions and view reports in real-time. IDOS provides, user friendly corporate mobile applications which are made specifically for each corporate customer and which can be used only by authorised employees / stakeholders of that company, for specific processes or operational requirements.

Technological advancements & customer demands

Professional demands of auditors are constantly increasing and it has become imperative for them to adopt technology and software tools to be able to effectively fulfil their professional obligations. The unprecedented pace of technological advancements in accounting and fintech are posing new challenges to the audit community and increasing their scope of work, with customers demanding that auditor's services should add value to their business by providing actionable insights and not just identify and rectify errors and file tax returns. Organizations which use IDOS would enable their auditors to overcome these challenges and increase the overall audit experience even for the organization.

Absence of compliance focus, in legacy software

Legacy software, unlike IDOS, are not built with focus on compliance and automation and require the auditor and his staff to spend significant time on transactional activities, leaving little or no time for the auditor to provide value added services to the customer. This impacts the auditor's ability to provide value addition to the client's business and also limits his ability to take more customers, since increase in customers would mean increase in audit resources and corresponding costs.

Customise and integrate specific module

IDOS enables large companies,to either upgrade their ERP or replace their legacy ERP or provide specific modules which are either not available in the current ERP or would cost more / take very long to implement in their existing ERPs. Ease of use, speed and efficiency of development & deployment and low cost of ownership and maintenance are the hall mark of IDOS.

Data analytics & substantive testing using IDOS

Data analytics capabilities in IDOS enable the auditors to carryout substantive testing of accounting data using different parameters within a very short period of time. Substantive tests which would earlier require effort of 3 auditors, each working a week on such tests, can now be done by one auditor within couple of hours.IDOS, being compliance focused and with its in-built internal control capabilities reduces the time, effort and cost that the auditors would need to spend on the audit of their customer's accounts and even enables them to significantly increase the sample size for audit purposes. This reduces the time and effort that the auditor needs to spend on transactional activities of each customer and enables him to spend time in providing value added services and also add more customers without corresponding increase in cost of resources.

Internal financial controls

IDOS has an in-built capability, which enables the organization to achieve reasonable assurance regarding the following aspects in the accounting and reporting process:
the reliability and integrity of accounting & financial data.
compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations.
efficiency in operations and reduced turnaround time Further, IDOS enables organizations to customise these capabilities to seamlessly integrate them with internal control processes which are specifically suited and designed for that organization.

GST / VAT / CESS / withholding tax / TDS

Computation, accounting and compliance to taxes is a major challenge faced by every business. The staff managing these functions need to be well versed with these regulations and ensure that the tax regulations are adhered to and accurately accounted, so as to facilitate timely and accurate filing of the returns. IDOS enables the business in accurately computing, accounting and reporting of these taxes, whereby the software automatically, identifies the applicable tax, tax percentage, computes the tax and accounts it in appropriate ledgers, within seconds. It provides email alerts to the users to facilitate timely filing of tax returns.

IDOS is more than just an accounting software and its power lies in its ability to empower your business to engage with the eco-system in which it operates through data analytics and thereby enables your business to become more competitive, reduce operating costs, increase revenue and profits.

Customer analytics

IDOS has in-built customer and sales analysis capability through which the business managers would be able to determine (in real-time), which branch or project is generating highest sales, for what items and which of the customers of that branch are placing highest number of orders. Further the business can drill down and understand at what price the goods or services are being sold to those customers and what discount percentage is currently being provided to them. The information will enable business managers to create more effective marketing and sales strategies targeting specific geographies and customer segments and help the business to drive more sales.

Vendor analytics

IDOS provides real-time price analytics capability to business managers to understand the cost of various procurements, by analysing the purchase patterns, price charged by different vendors for the same item, cost of that item at different branches and provides valuable insights to determine, during which period the cost of such procurement is low and also which vendor is able to supply that item at the most optimal price. This capability in IDOS enables the business to plan their routine purchases more efficiently and also negotiate bulk discounts and better payment terms with vendors on whom the business is placing large orders and thereby enhance their ability to effectively manage their working capital.

Engagement with business eco-system

IDOS provides real-time price analytics capability to business managers to understand the cost of various procurements, by analysing the purchase patterns, price charged by different vendors for the same item, cost of that item at different branches and provides valuable insights to determine, during which period the cost of such procurement is low and also which vendor is able to supply that item at the most optimal price. This capability in IDOS enables the business to plan their routine purchases more efficiently and also negotiate bulk discounts and better payment terms with vendors on whom the business is placing large orders and thereby enhance their ability to effectively manage their working capital.

IDOS helps banks in meeting their challenges with respect to lending, through its unique customer acquisition and monitoring capability. Being an accounting & compliance software, IDOS is a repository of customers KYC and financial data and based on customer approval and their consent to apply for a business loan, using its unique methodology IDOS, will auto-fill the banks loan application, attach the supporting documents, auto-generate the CMA data sheet and necessary financial ratios in the format required by the bank and enable the bank to access this information either through integration or through IDOS application. Further the bank will have the ability to drill down and cross check the data and also the supporting documents. This process will help in significant reduction of time required for loan application, processing and disbursement and consequently will enhance customer experience in the entire process since it eliminates human involvement and intervention to a very large extent.
Banks are currently spending significant time and effort in loan monitoring and in ensuring appropriate utilization of loan funds by the business borrowers. IDOS provides the banks a very powerful mechanism to review the utilisation pattern of the loan funds by the borrowers and also provides auto alerts of pre-defined exception scenarios, so that corrective action can be taken on timely basis.

IDOS believes in growth based on collaboration, where we partner with businesses which understand the value proposition of our product and share our commitment to enable the ease of doing business.
We collaborate with technology integrators and enable them to offer IDOS to their customers either as an off-the-shelf solution or customised as per the requirements of their customers. Additionally, we collaborate on white label business model, where we license our software to companies which have large customer base or would like to offer IDOS to a large number of customers under an white label arrangement.
IDOS also invites interested Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Accounting firms and tax consultants to collaborate with us and become authorised and certified IDOS solution providers and add a new service line to their business by providing technology based accounting services to their customers.

IDOS is a b2b e commerce platform for business users. We provide an unique opportunity to every business to offer their goods and services to IDOS business users, through our application. Businesses which use IDOS accounting software are spread across the country and across the globe. If you are selling any goods or services and would like to offer them to businesses which use IDOS software, all you need to do is, register yourself on our vendor platform, provide correct information including what you wish to sell on our platform and the price of your goods or services. We will make this information available to our business customers, who would be looking for goods or services that you sell and provide your contact details, so that they can contact you and do business with you. Click here to register your business on IDOS.

IDOS has three different versions:
Off-the-shelf Small business version
Off-the-shelf Multi-user version
Enterprise version
Single user version costs less than a few cups of coffee.The multi-user version of IDOS has a one-time set-up cost and monthly subscription fee which depends on the size of the business and the cost reduces with an increase in a number of users. Enterprise version of IDOS is customised to suit the specific requirements of the organisation and will have a one-time customisation cost and periodic upgrade and maintenance charges. IDOS is one of the least expensive ERP in the market and its cost of ownership and maintenance is among the least among competitors. IDOS off-the shelf version can be purchased from our white label partners and service partners. Enterprise version and modules can either be purchased directly from IDOS or from our deployment partners,which include global technology integration companies and reputed accounting& audit firms. Send an email to sales@myidos.com and we will connect with you and on-board you to IDOS.


Accounting entries & ledger posting.

Computation of tax (GST) for sales transactions

Generation of GST Compliant invoice for sales transactions

Computation of withholding tax (TDS)

Accounting of GST / TDS under correct ledger accounts

Computation & accounting of reverse charge under GST

Real-time Trial balance updation

Generation of profit & loss account and balance sheet in vertical format

Passing of contra entries

Reconciliation of receivables & payables (debtors & creditors)

Analysis of receivables & payables (debtors & creditors)

Control of customer credit limits before making credit sales

Alert for overdue receivables & payables

Compliance to Internal Financial Controls

Real-time internal audit of transactions

Budgetary control of expenses & real-time alert for expenses exceeding budget

Generation of decision making reports using Microsoft Excel add-in

Real-time,Multi-location accounting

Combination sales

Real-time bill-to-bill matching of invoice receipts and payments

Bank recociliation statement

Download of ledgers and reports into Microsoft Excel

World class disaster recovery and data security on Microsoft Azure

Expense management and accounting with approvals & monetary limits

Combination sales for retail traders

Change classification of line items in Profit & Loss account and balance sheet at any time

Expense claims management & accounting with monetary limits & approval capability

Travel advance & settlement and accounting with approvals and automated eligibility management

Upload of bills and supporting documents for all transactions

Customer & vendor engagement for balance confirmation

Dashboard and reports with graphs

Audit trial of all transactions from Trial balance to source of the transaction with one click

Free login for auditors

On-line audit of transactions and audit notes

No need for dedicated hardware


Auto journal entries for provisions Incentive management Online bill discounting Group-level consolidation & reporting Vendor management Investment accounting Digital lending E Procurement Time & Material Vendor platform Dealer accounting Big data analytics Corporate mobile app Holding / subsidiary accounting Trend analysis E-Commerce Inventory accounting & valuation Data migration Advanced analytics Fixed assets & depreciation Order management & accounting Customer platform Financial projections Budget alignments & realignments Bar code integration Integrated payment gateway AI / ML based reports and analytics Document management Intelligent Payroll Fraud analytics & exception reporting Thousands of concurrent users Spend management Multi-GAAP reporting Multi-currency accounting Real-time audit Credit limit management Direct benefit transfer Tax compliances


Case Study1

Sales & Customer accounting for a home appliances company

Case Study2

Management of sales, inventory and direct benefit transfer for an agrochemical company

Case Study 3

Distributor/Dealer accounting, incentive management for a large manufacturing company

Case Study4

Financial platform for professional services organizations.

Case Study5

ERP for a financial services Company.

Case Study6

Integration with Microsoft Excel and Mobile applications.


"IDOS is better than competing accounting software on two counts namely Accounting Control & Accounting Intelligence. "

Head of Corporate Accounts & Treasury -Marico Ltd.

" The product is very good in terms of ease of use and I will definitely put in a word to known circles. I will definitely recommend this model for municipal corporations and SME's. "

Program Director Finance - Mindtree

" IDOS is a powerful tool for companies such as ours, since we can control and manage accounting and procurement at all our outlets without having to be physically present at these places. what we like the best is the fact that we can analyse in real-time, whether we are paying more for any purchases and IDOS lets us know if there are suppliers in our location who can provide better pricing for the items that we buy. "

One of the Largest Automobile Dealer in Country

" We started using the beta version. It is incredible to know the additional features which are being offered which facilitate the decision maker to select best vendor on real-time basis. This will help us in saving cost significantly. we are able to avoid duplications at various level of expense claim processing and availability of timely information for decision making is really appreciable. In IDOS there is a paradigm shift from available accounting packages and in particular the dependence on the accounting personnel in getting timely data could be greatly reduced. No presently available software is able to provide such options. "

One of the Largest Dairies in the country

"Heading the finance department of an MNC, I always depend on IDOS- generated data for making proper financial decision. The one-of-a-kind business Intelligence solution helps me to make feasible financial strategies and direct my organization towards its pre-determined objectives. Using its business Intelligence tool, I can fetch real-time data anywhere and anytime. Beside such features, it offers excellent customization and god mobile accessibility; all of which makes it more simple, convenient and user-friendly."

SME Business

"As a owner of a CA firm, I was hoping for a solution that would allow me to propose suitable financial strategies for my clients and improve their finances, in a short period of time. My friend then recommended IDOS and using it just for a month, I knew I am in the right pitch. The excellent business intelligence solution presents data in the form of interactive visuals within the dashboards. With the help of the business intelligence tool, I can analyse all business data and make quick decisions on behalf of my clients."

Small Audit Firm




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